Rinotop Oy
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Kaj Kerbs
(09) 2764 6711
0400 406 616

Janne Immonen
(09) 2764 6712
050-465 0633

Panu Pyykkö
040 820 3055

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Small or large

Important technical parts to our products

Rinotop manufactures demanding technical plastic products and plastic parts for the customers' apparatures. Our production and service comprise
  • Product development
  • Mould manufacturing
  • Product manufacturing
  • Assembling works
  • Painting and other surface treatments
  • Printing
  • Gluing, ultrasonic welding and other joining
  • Other works upon order

Rinotop - a reliable partner

  • The company is a long time expert in the branch having special know-how of plastics, their use and processes
  • Also big projects are performed quickly and cost efficiently as a cooperation between own mould manufacturing and contract manufacturers
  • An efficient product manufacturing is guaranteed by a broad range of machines; closing forces being 25 - 800 tons and weights of injection moulded pieces being 0,2 - 2500 grams