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Comprehensive service

Concentration to customers benefit

Our comprehensive service is based on flexible, high-quality working in a cost efficient way with knowledge of all suboperations
  • The product design contains complete 3-D file systems
  • The plans can be secured with proto pieces and quick models
  • We have 250 - 300 different raw material alternatives in use
  • The product liability issues with eco requirements are taken into consideration already in the planning
  • The product manufacturing, after treatment, assembling and delivery are chosen after situation in a way desired by the customer
  • The ISO 9001 quality system guarantees a reliable quality for the whole delivery
  • The most economic way of implementation is planned together with the customer

3-D design model on computer screen

Raw materials for many purposes

SLS model of connecting box

Ready connecting boxes

Checking of agreed product requirements is performed at different stages of the production

Pieces assembled and checked in a customer package ready for the end user